Why are we here?


To make any car faster you must increase power or reduce weight.  In case you haven't noticed our company focuses on the latter, BIG TIME!  There are plenty of companies out there to help increase your engines horsepower but what about the chassis your engine has to drag around?  That's where we step in. specializes in ultra light-weight components for your street and/or race vehicle.  We want to be the place to go when you decide to put your car on a diet.  We can help you increase your cars performance while at the same time maintain or increase the quality appearance you deserve.  We extensively utilize carbon fiber composites not only for the looks but because it is the best material for the job.  Carbon fiber has the lowest density and highest stiffness relative to any other common material so we take full advantage of this wonder material.  If you find a better material let me know!  In the coming months and years we will develop a diverse collection of parts for your car.  Stay Tuned...

Adam Weeks     Founder - 

See chart below to see a simple comparison that shows the pros and cons of increasing engine power vs.  decreasing vehicle weight. 

Increase in  engine power      Decrease in Vehicle Weight
Increase in engine wear      NA
Decrease in engine longevity      NA
Much higher expense compared to factory      Minimal
Much lower E.T.'s and lap times possible      Almost the same benefit in some
Lower mileage for street cars      Increase in fuel efficiency
Traction is usually decreases
more cost/tires
Horsepower fluctuates with air temps      NA
More power means drivetrain upgrades
are necessary-more cost
Downtime for repairs      NA
Driveability can suffer - a real issue
for street cars
     Driveability only gets better
NA      Possible lowering of vehicles
     center of gravity

A few words about the founder:  I thought I would take some bandwidth to tell you a little about myself.  First of all I am a car fanatic, I love anything fast!  On my 16th birthday I bought my first car, a 1978 280Z.  I spent a winter replacing almost everything on the car and I was hooked.  With very little money there wasn't much I could do in the horsepower department but I began to remove parts and change things I could on the car and it started to feel a bit stronger on the butt dyno.  I was improving the power to weight ratio.  It felt good!  Many cars have been in my life since then but that first experience stuck with me.  About 5 years ago my interest in composites and my interest in cars began to merge.  I bought a 1986 Honda CRX as my daily driver and began my search for parts.  As I expected I couldn't find a carbon fiber hood so I decided to make one myself, IN MY LIVING ROOM!  My girlfriend and future wife was not happy but she put up with my project.  I learned a lot on that project and made many-many mistakes but it went on the car and it weighs about 5lbs installed.  Soon after the tragedy on 9/11 my software job, which I held for the previous 8 years decided to let me go.  Silver linings do exist, as I searched out new employment I found a job with a local composites company.  They needed composite layup techs and I was willing.  It turns out they were in development of a carbon fiber hood for GM's Corvette Z06 program.  This was the first time any company had attempted to put a class "A" paintable carbon fiber body panel on a high production car.  Sure Ferrari uses composite body panels but how many cars do they make a year.  This was a big deal!  I learned about the development of composite parts and how picky an OEM can be.  I became the finishing and quality inspector for the pre-production hoods.  Production finished this summer at over 3,000 hoods.  In 2003 I moved into a product development and sales position where I developed the RacePlates brand name.  RacePlates was a pilot program meant to test the viability of the import aftermarket for the company.  I quickly began to generate sales but the company I worked for wanted to focus on their line of sporting goods products and so we did not proceed with building any molded parts.  I stayed on with them for another 6 months and again got notice that I was being laid off.  I am sensing a pattern here :)  So now I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to do what I've always wanted, run my own composites company.  I look forward to laying awake at night thinking about how to lighten the worlds cars.           801.471.4150